Comfi Customer Testimonials

"Master Cent: great card. I have used this one a lot in the last couple years to call from USA to Canada. A lot of minutes for the price."
--Shree N, VA
"Your site is totally helpful and much appreciated!
Thank you very, very much."
--Cynthia H, CO
"I've dealt with Bizon for around 3 years, calling Okinawa on a semi-regular basis, with never a problem, thanks."
--Hiroko T L, Goose Creek SC
"Thank you for the great rate!!!!! My husband is overseas & the kids and I now have the chance to talk to our loved one. We miss him so. Once again a BIG .....THANK YOU a military's family"
--Liz L, TX
"I use Lucky minutes through ComFi after trying others, and since I have used this card through ComFi, I have seen no reason to shop for another. The service is always good, the people helpful if I have any questions, and the connection always clear and solid. Thanks for making this service available and affordable."
--A truly satisfied customer, Joseph S, PA
"Excellent service. True minutes as advertised!"
--Shima A, Atlanta GA
"Thank You for the prompt attention: I Look forward to our future business with my newest card and pinless dialing! thank you"
--Daniel W, Ballwin, MO
"Your service is very fast and very reliable! It is truly the best calling card service I have found online. I tell everyone that needs an international calling card to use your service for safe and fast transactions."
--Sean O, Mountain View, AR
"Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your site and your service, thank you"
--John S, Setauket NY
"This beats having to schlep down the street for a card and pay all sorts of fees."
--Gregory S, Brooklyn NY
"I would like to thank the Comfi team for quick and efficient service. Every time I need assistance or clarification I do not wait for 24 hours or more to get a response. In 5 - 10 minutes my problem is solved! I am now able to call my family whenever I want. I will definitely recommend you to my other overseas workers friends. Keep up the good work!"
--Anna H, Kuwait
"Quick connection and great sound quality. Good price per minute. Thanks!"
--Brooke C, Plattsburgh NY
"I like the service you provide, it is always there when needed, and at cheaper rates than the regular phone company's!"
--Max M, Medford OR
"Card is working out very well. Saving big $$$ calling Paraguay."
--Charles S, Overland Park KS
"Great card and more minutes for your money. Thanks."
--Kenny H L, Pearland, TX
"I have been using this card for several years and I am very satisfied."
--Sylvia B, Larkspur, CA
"used for faxing. no problem."
--Daphne W, Paris AR
"Great Value"
--Martin O H, Cork, Ireland
"I'm so happy with this website and their phones card!! I love it! Thanks"
--Sara A, Hamden, CT
"Excellent quality service...will continue to regenerate.."
--Albin M, Collinsville, IL
"great cust. service... great site!"
--Lance W, Shickshinny, PA
"Thanks for help with setting up new card. New card works a treat!!"
--John D, Basel, GB
"Just a word of thanks for extending my Cardinal calling card for another 10 months despite the fact that I ignored the warning back in July! So please accept my thanks and have a great day."
--Peter J. R, Cottageville, SC
"I'm very pleased with the service I get with the Jupiter card. Keep up the good work."
--Thomas S, Wilmington, MA
"Thanks for providing what looks like a great service."
--Dorcas A, Washington DC
"You are a wonderful calling card company."
--Kobarimutt B, Amarillo, TX
"Thank you very much for the great service you have provided over the years. I absolutely love my Cardinal card."
--May K, Halethorpe, MD
"I really am very happy with the Cardinal phone card. I got it for my Mom and it's easy and a great price. I've told several people about it so one of these days they will get one for themselves."
--Jim R, Mokena, IL
"Service has been great and the friends I recommended the card to for use in the same country have thanked me again and again. I am very pleased with the card and the service. In addition, the periodic sales make it even more affordable."
--Joseph S, Bethlehem, PA
"you guys are great and fast"
--Leonard D, Lakewood, PA
"Thank you SO much for giving me a new pin number for free. I just refilled for $20.00 Now THAT'S customer service!"
--Don P, Hollywood, CA
"Cheapest Peru rates available...local access #s are available and plentiful. Just dial the local access # and your at 3 cent a minute. I use everyday and will not switch....great for pre-paid cell phones after 9PM"
--Michael.F.P, Snow Hill, MD
"great value problems"
--Lewis R. M, West Dundee, IL
"I think ComFi does a wonderful job of communicating with customers and trying to resolve technical problems. Your attention to detail is very much appreciated. Thank you."
--Tomieca J, Youngsville, LA
"Kat was a great help to me! She was very quick too! I am very thankful! Thank you for the 24/7 online support. Please keep this up!"
--Leigh-Ann D, Miramar, FL
"Thank you for your prompt reply. Whenever I use your services they have been top class. Thank you"
--Lynn T K, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"The per minute rate for calls from America to Greece are the best I've found considering there aren't all the crazy fees added on with this card. I've already recommended this card to other friends who often call Greece... I'm sure the quality is the same for other countries and so I'd recommend taking a close look at this service."
--Eric S, Glenshaw, PA
"Great card!!! No pin numbers to remember!!!"
--Pedro P, San Juan, PR
"I shall praise your servises to my friends. GREAT service. "
--Emnet T, Helsinki, Finland
"I really appreciate all this opportunity for your cheap rates so i can reach my family back in Palau. thank you very much"
--Daniella N, Pendleton, OR
"this card is awesome i love it and i continue to use it."
--Cleofe T, Santa Rita, Guam
"An excellent card. I strongly recommend it"
--Glenda M, Caracas, Venezuela
"When I tried using it to call my husband, who is curently deployed, I was amazed on how fast it connected me and how clear the voice quality is, like we are just talking in the same location and no reception or static problem. And the best part of it, it's so cheap that I can call everyday and not worry about racking up our long distance bill. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends."
--Raquel G J, Hagatna, Guam
"I have always gotten a response to any of my concerns within minutes of sending the email! Great job"
--Jennifer S, Ordway CO
"The ease and convenience of having the auto refill and speed dialing has made our lives much easier. Thanks for the excellent service you provide"
--Anthony J, Bronx, NY
"My sister recommended this site. I love it ;) I travel a lot and have 14 grandchildren so it really is useful."
--Janice P, MI
"Thanks guys - that is an amazingly efficient and courteous customer service."
--John E, NY
"A COMPLETELY SATISFIED customer that will continue staying with the BEST when placing International calls."
--Bill M, OH
"I am very impressed with the Live Support Online Service. I got my request done in less than 5 mins. Thanks!"
--Alice T, MN
"Very competent and friendly support! Great service!"
--Dirk W, NH
"Sara was amazing and extremely helpful and well educated on the services you provide. Please ensure Sara gets a customer compliment on by behalf for great customer service."
--Kelsey P, TX
"My chat specialist was very helpful. I was having problems understanding the instructions and they were very nice in explaining them to me! Thanks"
--Heather C, MA
"i cant wait to recommend this service to family and friends job well done"
--Peter P, IL
"Its a pleasure to use ComFi calling cards."
--Sankar D, IN
"I've been using this card since January, 2009 - This is a 5 star card IMOP."
--William M, OH
"Excellent call quality, connection, and sound."
--Gerard E, MS
"Great for calling on a cell phone without having high charges"
--Deborah H, NY
"Thank you a lot! Your service is awesome so far!"
--Marvin H, DE
"Been using this card since Oct 2009 and it has always worked without fail. Best deal anywhere for calling cell phones in Panama and also landlines. Money is deposited instantly to your account! Always clear,always able to connect, it lets you know how much time you have left when you call."
--Ronald S, AK
"I appreciate your treatment towards regular customers and their concerns a lot."
--Sampath D, CA
"i just want to say that you guys are exellent, i'm in Iraq supporting US Military, i was always strugle with how much money i spend calling my family. With your card Master Cent I got more and more minutes."
--Nebojsa T, AA
"Just bought my calling card and I love it! Easy speed dial to Nicaragua and crytal clear to my girlfriend! Great rates also! Highly recommend!"
--Edmund C, FL
"I am very pleased and very grateful. Thank you again."
--Anthony M, PA
"Love this phone card, so economical for me as I call my Mum a lot. Thank you."
--Kathleen F, TN
"Thank you for your quick help! You guys rock! I've been quite happy with being a customer of yours for some years now, and your help today confirms this again. :)"
--Joe C, UT
"Thank you so much. You guys are great, by the way. Never a problem."
--Cindy C, FL
"I needed a calling card quickly today and through Google came across your site. I have made several calls so far and been very impressed. Thanks for a swift service and I hope to do more business with you in the future and spread the good news."
--Jacqueline O, UK
"Excellent sales assistance!"
--Mark E, NY
"I am very impressed! I will recommend you highly to my friends!"
--Anne S, CT
"Love the new direct dial feature....Thanks!!"
--Ronald M, TX
"Great customer service, I love the ease of having a local number dial that dials the party I am trying to reach."
--Marlene D, NC
"Fantastic, many thanks your service is 1st class"
--Di M, GB
"Great service, great calling card!!!! Can hear my mom very clear!!!"
--Anna D, OH
"This is an excellent and reliable card. I have used it for many yearss"
--Glenda M, FL
"Very happy with service. Actually a better connection than with the big telcons!!"
--Kevin D, TX
"Very helpful and quick!! just what i like."
--Melanie, helped via chat support.
"Made purchasing easy for me. Keep it up"
--Darleen, helped via chat support.
"Excellent customer service and support! The representative really went out of her way for me. I greatly appreciate her help. Thanks so much."
--Georgene, helped via chat support.
"The representative was very efficient and lovely to deal with!"
--Frank, helped via chat support.
--Ryan F, helped via chat support.
"Speedy and professional- kudos"
--Kim H, helped via chat support.
"This is very very great! I would recommend this to anyone!"
--Peter, helped via chat support.
"The representative was extremely helpful and answered all my questions."
--Kara, helped via chat support.
"Excellent customer service. Very knowledgable. Thanks"
--Naseem, helped via chat support.
"The representative was very patient and helpful. She helped me with instruction so I could then turn around and explain to my daughter how to use the calling card. Because of her I will recommend and use this site again."
--Bruce H, helped via chat support.
" I have been on your site numerous times in the past week and everyone has been wonderful!!"
--Victoria, helped via chat support.
"Very fast response and accurate answers"
--Cheryl, helped via chat support.
"Very responsive and helpful with solutions on how to sort it out"
--Tania, helped via chat support.
"HI! I still have lots of minutes left on my current card and am enjoying chatting long distance. Thanks!"
--Debra B, MA.
"Good card for the money...using a Payphone."
--Polly Jones, AL.