This is Ajamu.


You can contact me by phone by entering your phone number in the box to the right and pressing the "Call" button. If you want to send me an email, click on the "Leave a text message" link and fill out all the fields. Either way, there's no cost to you.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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To call from a home number in the city of Casablanca in the country of Morocco (Maroc/Al-Maghrib).

Enter Morocco's Country Code: (+212)

(don't forget the plus symbol : + )

Then, enter Casablanca's City Code: (22)

Thus, one would enter it as below:


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Another example:

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For a cellular/mobile telephone in Morocco,

the City Code would be different.

One such City Code is for cellular/mobile telephones is : (18)

Thus, one would enter it as below:


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Last example:

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The Country Code for the USA is: (+1).

For example, a call to a number is Atlanta, Georgia in the USA could be:


(By the way this is the number for:

"Underground Atlanta Welcome Center")

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You're calling from:
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Your international phone number:

Enter your phone number and click Call.
Your phone will ring in a few seconds.

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