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The cheapest way to call the USA from Canada

Are you in search of international calling cards for calling the USA from Canada? Comfi is the name you can trust when it comes to getting your international calling cards from Canada. Delivering the best phone connections for calls with family, friends and business partners at an affordable price, Comfi offers different types of international calling cards that can be used for calling the USA from Canada.

Why calling cards are the best way to call the USA from Canada

Convenient, cost-effective and connection quality are assured when you get your international phone cards from Comfi. Another big advantage with Comfi Canada calling cards Easily recharge your account without buying new phone cards ever. This advanced feature means your PIN and access numbers will never change.

Your benefits

In addition to the cost savings and convenience, Comfi Canada phone cards have the following advantages;

  1. Excellent connection quality. No interruption, unwanted noise or other related phone problems. You will enjoy your conversations like you are talking to someone living next door.
  2. Very competitive prices. Visit the Comfi website to get Canada calling card at the cheapest rate. The rate shown is guaranteed effective, so you wont feel the need to rush your conversations.
  3. Responsive customer service. If you would like any assistance, contact our customer care representatives via email, live chat or phone for fast, friendly help. We guarantee they can solve any issues and get you calling again the same day. Immediate access. We deliver PIN codes to your email instantly. You never have to wait.

How to use your phone card from Canada to call the USA?

The calling process is easy.

  1. Dial the appropriate access number for your region in Canada.
  2. Enter your PIN number when prompted, then wait for the phone number instructions.
  3. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to call.
  4. When calling the US, dial 1+area code+phone number.

Time to call!

We are serious about helping you make better quality, less expensive calls. Our mission is to get people connected to one another and provide a reliable bridge between people that are thousands of miles apart through our international call cards service.

Our international call cards assure you of top-level of support and highest quality services. Try using our international calling cards today and enjoy a first-class phone connection around the world!

With Comfi, your connection is ready and secure.

  • Save up to 75% on international calls
  • Boston, MA based customer service BBB Business Review

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for help with setting up new card. New card works a treat!!"

John D, Basel, GB

"Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I truly enjoy the service you provide. My son lives in Thailand and I use the Golden Lotus card. I love being able to get online and simply refill the card. Also with Golden Lotus I have a 10 digit number to call my son directly(not having to put in the country code and all). The call quality is fantastic. There is an occasional dropped call, but that is usually due to a storm in Thailand or if he is near the rainforest. The prices (per minute) can't be beat. Thank you for keeping my son and I in such close contact. "

Kimberly G, IN.

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