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Using Prepaid Phone Cards to Reach Togo: Why You Should Use Comfi for International Calls

Are you tired of spending so much on international calls? Comfi prepaid phone cards can reduce the cost of your international calls to Togo by as much as 75%.

International phone rates are always expensive when you rely on your local phone service. If you do not have long distance in your contract, they can dramatically increase your phone bill and reduce the amount you call and the length you talk.

Comfi gives you a much better way to make calls with the lowest rates and best quality connections. Using a prepaid phone card for Togo, you can stop spending too much on your international calls.

Why Are Prepaid Cards the Cheapest Way to Call Togo?

Comfi phone cards saves you time and money on every call. They provide a hassle-free way to make calls to other countries at the lowest available rates.

Other phone providers typically charge high rates for these and may not advertise the current rate or hidden fees. All of the Comfi products offer the lowest rates we are able to find and you can see them anytime on

These cards often provide the cheapest option for international calling. With a prepaid card, you always know how much you are spending. The rates are always clearly listed.

How to Use International Phone Cards to Togo?

To use phone cards to call Togo, you first need to select the best product for you intended use. You can find them online at, contact us to help you choose the best card or try the easiest method, the Comfi Cheap International Calls mobile app.

Once you have made your choice and purchase, you will receive a PIN and are ready to start placing calls with your new international phone card. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Dial the access number,
  2. After the prompt, select your preferred language,
  3. Enter your PIN number,
  4. You may then dial your destination number. When placing international calls from the US, remember to start with 011 + country code + city code, followed by the destination phone number.

You get to save money while staying connected to friends, business partners, or family in Togo.

Why Should You Use a Phone Card to Reach Togo?

Togo phone cards are cheap and easy to use. The latest calling rates are always available on the Comfi website at and through the mobile app. You can rest easy knowing that you are getting the most affordable rates with savings of up to 75% on international calls.

Comfi phone cards provide you with the best rates, quality support, and multiple options for purchasing cards.

Our cards also provide high-quality connections. Unlike other phone cards, you do not need to worry about lost connections, noise or other common issues. If your phone and the recipient's phone are working correctly, it should sound as if you are talking to someone living right next door.

If you experience any issues, the Comfi customer support team is available. Comfi has a support team standing by for fast responses to all inquiries. You can receive assistance via live chat, phone, or email.

You can now stay connected with people in Togo without spending too much money.

Start saving on long distance calls to Togo today!

  • Save up to 75% on international calls
  • Boston, MA based customer service BBB Business Review

Customer Testimonials

"Been using your cards for a few years now. They are the best."

Joan R, AK.

"Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I truly enjoy the service you provide. My son lives in Thailand and I use the Golden Lotus card. I love being able to get online and simply refill the card. Also with Golden Lotus I have a 10 digit number to call my son directly(not having to put in the country code and all). The call quality is fantastic. There is an occasional dropped call, but that is usually due to a storm in Thailand or if he is near the rainforest. The prices (per minute) can't be beat. Thank you for keeping my son and I in such close contact. "

Kimberly G, IN.

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