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Best International Prepaid Phone Card to Nauru - CELL for:

Frequent Calls

Jupiter Phone Card

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Jupiter Phone Card


Solaris Phone Card

Cheapest Calling Cards to Nauru - CELL from Canada

Phone Card

53.8 ¢/min
55.8 ¢/min
No Fee
91.9 ¢/min
93.4 ¢/min
88¢ / week
18¢ connection
97.7 ¢/min
99.2 ¢/min
89¢ / week
99.8 ¢/min
101.3 ¢/min
99¢ / week
16¢ connection
99.8 ¢/min
101.3 ¢/min
85¢ / week
20¢ connection
105.4 ¢/min
106.9 ¢/min
59¢ / 2 weeks
106.5 ¢/min
108.5 ¢/min
59¢ / 2 weeks
108.2 ¢/min
109.7 ¢/min
No Fee
109.3 ¢/min
110.8 ¢/min
No Fee
113.9 ¢/min
115.4 ¢/min
No Fee
132.8 ¢/min
134.3 ¢/min
No Fee
181.8 ¢/min
183.3 ¢/min
No Fee
435.0 ¢/min
No Fee

Why should I buy a phone card online?

Phone cards online offer domestic and international rates that are usually much lower than rates offered by residential phone service providers and prepaid phone cards sold in stores.

Looking to buy international calling cards for calling abroad from Canada to Nauru - CELL? Comfi offers the best international calling cards that will make your connection with friends, family or co-workers cost-effective and top-quality.

We provide a wide range of international phone cards to call from Canada to Nauru - CELL.

Bizon calling card is a invulnerable, comfortable and simple way to reach recipient abroad. The key characteristic is the option to top up it. Thus, you can put funds to the account without buying a new calling card.

This phone card has the following positive sides.

  1. High-quality telephone services. No lines breaks, noise or any other common phone problems. If your recipient's phone is working properly, you will feel like you're talking to a someone living next door.
  2. Low rates. On our site we've collected the cheapest calling cards. Your conversations won't be high-priced and you will discuss whatever you want with no hurry. You will be able to save up to 75% on international calls.
  3. Friendly and ready-to-help support. Have any requests? Feel free to contact our support agents via email, live chat or phone. Be sure - you will receive a accurate and quick reply.
  4. momentary delivery of the PIN-code over the air or by email. No need to wait - start calling right now!

How to use the calling card?

  1. Dial access number and wait for the prompt.
  2. Once you hear the prompt, select prompt language.
  3. Enter your PIN-code and wait for the prompt.
  4. Dial your destination number. For international calls: 011 + countrycode + City Code + Phone Number

We're sincerely hoping to see you among our subscribers. We'll ensure you high level of services and support in every step of using our international calls card. Our main purpose is to make people closer to each other and provide good and reliable communication even if people are thousands of miles apart from each other.

Start using our international call cards right now and enjoy premium class phone connection across the world!

  • Save up to 75% on international calls
  • Boston, MA based customer service BBB Business Review
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