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25.8 ¢/min
28.8 ¢/min
88¢ / week
18¢ connection
26.4 ¢/min
99¢ / week
28.0 ¢/min
31.0 ¢/min
89¢ / week
31.7 ¢/min
34.7 ¢/min
59¢ / 2 weeks
32.4 ¢/min
35.4 ¢/min
No Fee
32.8 ¢/min
35.8 ¢/min
No Fee
34.8 ¢/min
No Fee
35.3 ¢/min
38.3 ¢/min
No Fee
165.0 ¢/min
No Fee

Comfi Calling Cards for Haiti

We understand that there is nothing worse than being unable to communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues, only because they live abroad. We strongly believe that in today's era, communication should not be a luxury and that everyone should be able to have long and hearty conversations whenever they want, even with people who are miles apart. With this motto in mind, Comfi provides a range of affordable phone cards to Haiti for making cheap calls to Haiti-Cell.

Why Opt for Comfi Calling Card to Haiti?

Our international calling cards to Haiti provide the easiest and the cheapest way to connect with people in Haiti, establishing quality communication links that allow our customers to have uninterrupted and affordable conversations. Here's a list of competencies that Comfi calling cards for Haiti enjoy over all the other services:

1. Calling Card for Haiti Provides High-Quality Connection Comfi ensures a high-quality connection. You will not be disturbed by occasional line drops, noise or any of the problems that are generally prevalent with overseas calling.

2. Calling Card to Haiti Affordable Calling Rate

Our website has a collection of the most affordable calling cards that offer cheap calls to Haiti, allowing you to save up to 70% on all international calls.

3. Rechargeable Calling Card for Haiti

Comfi provides you with the facility of recharging your phone card to Haiti. In other words, instead of purchasing a new card every time you run out of credit, you can simply add funds to your current account and continue conversing.

4. A Quick Fix

Haiti - Cell calling cards are a quick fix for any communication problem. The PIN-code is instantaneously displayed on the screen or delivered by email in just a few seconds so you would never have to wait to make a call again.

5. Calling Card for Haiti Offers Customer Support

Comfi takes pride in being of service to its customers. You can reach our professional support agents through the mail, phone or even live chat to get your queries answered in just a few minutes.

Now that you know why you should be using Comfi phone cards for Haiti, let's take at a look at how you can do that.

How to Use Comfi Calling Card for Haiti?

Calling cards to Haiti are easy to use. The calling process is uncomplicated and takes less than a few minutes. Here's how you can connect with people in Haiti by using Comfi International Calling Cards to Haiti in just 4 simple steps!

  1. Dial the access number and wait for the prompt.
  2. Carefully, listen to the prompt and select the language of your preference.
  3. Enter the PIN-code and wait for the prompt.
  4. Simply dial your destination number!

Our sole aim is to make communication possible in order to bring people together. If you know someone in Haiti that you would like to talk to, simply subscribe to our website and let us help you avail the best international calling rates. It's time you enjoy premium quality phone connections without constantly worrying about running out of credit!

Tip for International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

  • Save up to 75% on international calls
  • Boston, MA based customer service BBB Business Review
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"Love this phone card, so economical for me as I call my Mum a lot. Thank you."

Kathleen F, TN

"When I tried using it to call my husband, who is curently deployed, I was amazed on how fast it connected me and how clear the voice quality is, like we are just talking in the same location and no reception or static problem. And the best part of it, it's so cheap that I can call everyday and not worry about racking up our long distance bill. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends."

Raquel G J, Hagatna, Guam

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