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Lowest Rates Calling Card Afghanistan

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  Rates ¢/min Details  
Local AccessNation-Wide
Lucky Minutes Calling cards from Georgia to Afghanistan
19.2¢ 88¢ / week
18¢ connection
Solaris Phone cards to Afghanistan from Georgia
23.7¢ No Fee
Continental Calling cards to Afghanistan from Georgia
23.9¢ No Fee
FastWorld for Calling Afghanistan from Georgia
30.7¢ No Fee
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Conference Call Service - connect multiple person in one call
Continental for Calling from Georgia to Afghanistan
connected party rate
 No Fee
Continental WEB-Callback - initiate calls from webpage
Continental to Call Afghanistan from Georgia
web initiated calls only
 No Fee
SMS-Callback - initiate calls using SMS
Continental to Call from Georgia to Afghanistan
supported cell operators
 No Fee
PC to Phone - calls from your computer or SIP equipment
Georgia to Afghanistan calls with Continental
computer calls only
20.6¢No Fee
PC to Phone - calls from your computer or SIP equipment
Afghanistan from Georgia calls with Gift Card
computer calls only
20.6¢No Fee
Neighboring countries: Kuwait   Lebanon   UAE   Oman   Saudi Arabia   Syria
( ) Listed minutes are based on one call using a local access number (if available). Application of carrier surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes actually received. Please see the phone card's details for complete information.

Calling cards Georgia to Afghanistan. Phone Afghanistan from Georgia. All Results calling Afghanistan from Georgia.