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Brazilian judge asking for mayor to be fined for riding a donkey

January 3, 2013

In some cases, news stories simply do not feel as though they can be true. However, it is true that a judge from Brazil is asking prosecutors to fine a mayor of a small town because he rode a donkey into his inauguration, according to The Associated Press.

Judge Luciana Glesse is asking prosecutors to fine Passa Sete Mayor Vanderlei Batista $250 because he rode a donkey into the inauguration and in turn, violated a restraining order banning him from any type of "donkey business" from local politics after the election was over in October, according to the news source.

The small-town mayor made a point of riding in on a donkey because his opponent usually called him a "burro" during the debates. As a result, Batista promised he would ride a donkey into his inauguration. However, he may still have to pay the fine for his violation, the media outlet reports.

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