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Mexican president talks of new security force

December 18, 2012

President Enrique Pena Nieto took office on December 1, and now he is making moves to diminish the very violent and unstable parts of the country with an aggressive security force. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mexican officials are planning a new 10,000-member security force to deal with the worst areas in the country.

Even though Pena Nieto said that the group will be developed, he did not offer a timeline to explain when it will start. Until then, the military will stay in the streets in hopes of maintaining order, the media outlet reports.

"This is the beginning of a relationship of respect and responsibility to achieve the justice and peace that our country demands," Pena Nieto told the new source. "Mexicans want a Mexico at peace and demand respect, and respect for human rights."

Since Pena Nieto started campaigning, he explained he would developed such a force, as this is a very different approach to the problem from what former President Felipe Calderon had done. Calderon took a much more aggressive approach against drug trafficking organizations, and it caused thousands upon thousands of deaths, the publication reports.

According to The Associated Press, even though there was a not a lot of information released about Pena Nieto's new plans, officials did open up about a few details. Some of which include the administration breaking Mexico up into five different regions for security planning. This way they will be able to target the areas that need the most security.

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