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China continues to crack down on 'Doomsday fanatics'

December 18, 2012

Some people around the world are considering this Friday, December 21, 2012, as the date in which the world will end. According to the Los Angeles Times, this is becoming a serious issue in China, as arrests have been made across the country of those who are apart of the "doomsday cult."

Chinese authorities have made more than 100 arrests in the past few weeks of those in the Christian-inspired cult, which is called Almighty God. These members have been distributing pamphlets and other literature about how the world is going to end, and police are trying to crack down on the amount of people, as they are considered a danger.

The recent slashing attack that took place in the Henan province, which injured 23 schoolchildren, is believed to be a part of these doomsday beliefs. However, the officials are unable to identify the subject as someone who is apart of this specific group - either way, it is becoming a serious issue as the date approaches.

"Because China has no established religion, people looking for a way to set their minds at ease may turn to cults," sociologist Zhou Xiaozheng of People's University told the news source. "People don't believe in what the government says, so they may wind up believing in wild rumors."

According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, the cult was created in 1990 in central China, and it makes its members give up their property to the cult. The followers believe that the end of the Mayan calendar, which falls on this Friday, will be the end of world. However, others simply believe it will be the beginning of a new era.

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