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Nelson Mandela has a lung infection, being treated by military doctors

December 11, 2012

Former South African president, Nelson Mandela, is being treated by military doctors for a recurring lung infection, which he is susceptible to due to his time in prison as well as his old age, according to The Associated Press.

This isn't the first time the anti-apartheid leader, 94, has suffered from an infection such as this. He was also hospitalized in 2011 and had it before as well when he contracted tuberculosis while in prison. Many across the globe are worried about the iconic Mandela, as this type of illness requires a lot of attention and monitoring.

"They call pneumonia 'the old man's friend' because it is the thing that ultimately carries many people off," Dr. Peter Openshaw, the director of the Center for Respiratory Infection at Imperial College's National Heart and Lung Institute in London, told the news source. "What I guess they'll be doing is trying to find out exactly which type of infection it is and then to give it the most appropriate treatment. With modern antibiotics and investigation, there's no reason a chest infection by itself should be untreatable."

According to NBC News, Mandela became South Africa's first black president in 1994, after the country held their first all-race election. Even though he has been unable to make public appearances due to his health as of late, he has received a number of visitors from high profile people, such as President Bill Clinton a few months earlier.

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