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New survey shows young Canadians watching web content more than TV

December 6, 2012

A new survey conducted by CTAM Canada found that more young Canadians are spending their time watching web content than they are watching TV, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The online survey, which was compiled of the responses of 2,044 Canadians, supported the argument that more individuals are turning to their computers to watch videos rather than getting the traditional TV experience, according to the news source.

The results of the survey showed that 18- to 39-year-olds were more likely to stream content from their computers or other portable devices. However, they admit their TV watching experience has changed because they can watch whatever they want wherever they are over the internet, which resulted in these individuals viewing content more than ever before, the media outlet reports.

The survey showed that 18 percent of all of the respondents said they are watching more content than they ever have, while 42 percent reported watching on various screens have improved their experience overall. However, when looking at just the 18 to 39 age group, 38 percent said they are watching more and 63 percent admit that their viewing experience has vastly improved.

The questionnaire also asked the respondents what they are doing while they are watching the various content, and many said they are on their smartphones either emailing, tweeting or surfing the web. Approximately 30 percent said if they are on their cellphones while watching, it is because they are trying to find out more about what they are viewing, the publication reports.

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