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Typhoon Bopha hits Philippines hard

December 4, 2012

Typhoon Bopha is considered the strongest this year, as it pounded the southern island of Mindanao on Tuesday. Thus far, there are reports of at least 40 people missing or killed by the strong storm, that has also destroyed homes and brought down communication lines, according to NBC News.

The 40 people who are believed to be missing or killed were caught in flash floods and landslides near a mining area, and the waters and soils apparently had swept through an army post, causing a number of problems near the army base in Mindanao, the media outlet reports. Besides the flash floods, people were injured by flying debris and falling trees, as the storm sustained winds of about 160 mph and was considered equal to a category five hurricane.

According to BBC News, the president of the Philippines warned his people a few days before the storm hit, and conducted a partial evacuation while encouraging residents to find shelter.

"It could be the strongest to hit the country this year. But we can minimize the damage and loss of lives if we help each other," President Benigno Aquino said on Monday.

This isn't the first time a typhoon has come barrelling through the country. In fact, Bopha comes just about a year after Typhoon Washi came and took more than 1,500 people's lives in southern Philippines. There are approximately 20 typhoons that hit each year, but this one was by far the strongest of this year thus far.

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