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Mexican president looking to change nation's official name

November 27, 2012

The country of Mexico's official name is the United Mexican States, and its current president, Felipe Calderon, is looking to change it to simply Mexico, according to The Associated Press.

The name United Mexican States was established in 1824 when it gained its independence from Spain and it imitated its northern neighbor, the United States of America. The name is rarely used, except on official documents within the government and when dealing with money, according to the news outlet.

Even though the name is not used often, Calderon still held a press conference in an attempt to get a bill created.

This isn't the first time Calderon has proposed this idea, he first did so in 2003, but it never made it to a vote. Many believe that he is doing so as a parting gesture since he will be leaving office on December 1. The proposal has been mocked by Mexican residents on Twitter, and people are not thrilled with the idea, the media outlet reports.

Even though Calderon has attempted to keep Mexico's image positive, drug cartels have made that very difficult throughout his time as president. However, Calderon still stands behind his reasoning for Mexico to have its own name and have little to do with the U.S.

"It's time for Mexicans to return to the beauty and simplicity of the name of our country, Mexico," Calderon told the news source. "A name that we chant, that we sing, that makes us happy, that we identify with, that fills us with pride."

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