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New two-ton horned dinosaur discovered in Canada

November 15, 2012

A new dinosaur has been discovered by scientists, and it is believed to be older than any they have found in the past in this location. According to National Geographic, this new animal is believed to be the oldest, largest horned reptile discovered in North America, as it roamed Canada about 78 million years ago.

"In terms of large-bodied ones that look like Triceratops, this is definitely the oldest," said biologist Michael Ryan, lead author of the new study describing the animal.

The new species, called Xenoceratops foremostensis, which is Latin for "alien horned-face from Foremost," the small Canadian town in which some fossils were discovered in 1958. Ryan and his team recently discovered 78-million-year-old fossils during a dig, and this led them to the old fossils in the Canadian Museum of Nature, where they were able to put the pieces together for the new found animal, the media outlet reports.

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