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MTV European Music Awards bring celebrities to Germany

November 12, 2012

The MTV European Music Awards took place this past Sunday night, and a host of A-list celebrities in the music industry flew to Frankfurt, Germany for the event. Heidi Klum, a Germany native, hosted the show and made sure to stand out on her own turf.

The supermodel changed into six different different outfits throughout the night, and each one featured a great deal of Klum's skin. According to Entertainment Weekly, the gowns were from Versace's spring collection and she was more than excited to change into one look after another.

"I have six different outfits from Versace that I love very much and I think for an event like the MTV awards I usually have a little bit more fun, I can be a little bit more sexy, a little more rock 'n' roll…So they have got me beautiful outfits, great shoes and great jewelry, but it depends how much time I have to change in between [hosting] because it's all live," Klum told the news source while walking the red carpet.

She was able to change into all of her dresses, each one showing off her long legs and were complete with plunging necklines, the media outlet reports. She didn't have a wardrobe malfunction all night, which came as a surprise with some of the outfits she decided to wear.

According to The Huffington Post, Taylor Swift was the big winner of the night. She beat Rihanna by taking home three out of the five awards both singers were nominated for. The two crooners earned the most nominations, with Rihanna earning six and Swift with five. However, it was Swift who took the most home, as she earned Best Female, Best Live and Best Look.

Justin Bieber also took home three awards, as he was honored with Best World Stage, Best Pop and Best Male. Also honored was South Korean pop sensation Psy, whose "Gangnam Style" won Best Video and the late Whitney Houston took Global Icon for her influence on pop music over the years, the media outlet reports.

There were a number of stars and singer sensations in attendance including Muse, No Doubt, Alicia Keys, Pitbull, The Killers and Fun.

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