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FIFA has doubts Brazil will be ready for World Cup

October 18, 2012

Brazil has been gearing up for the 2014 World Cup since it was announced the nation would be hosting the major event. However, FIFA is not so sure the country will be ready in time for the games in a couple years, according to Reuters.

As a result of the slow moving preparations for the iconic event, FIFA's general secretary Jerome Vackle has started to be vocal about the country not having all of their stadiums ready in time for the Confederations Cup in June 2013, according to the news source.

Even some of the Brazilian officials have their doubts, and are doing what they can to work together and get all of the stadiums done in time.

"We don't have a single stadium ready for the Confederations Cup. We have deadlines. Stadiums that are on schedule will host matches, those that don't make the deadline won't," Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo told the news source.

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