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China's Mo Yan earns Nobel literature prize

October 11, 2012

It was recently announced that China's Mo Yan is the winner of the 2012 Nobel prize for literature for his various works that combine folk tales, history and living in China, according to Reuters.

Mo, 57, is known for his somewhat vulgar works that are mainly based off of where he grew up in Gaomi. He was thrilled with the $1.2 million prize and honor.

"But I do not think that my winning can be seen as representing anything. I think that China has many outstanding authors, and their great works should also be recognized by the world," Mo told the news source."Next, I'm going to put most of my efforts into creating my new works. I will keep working hard, and I thank everyone. As to whether I go to Sweden to receive the prize, I will wait for word from the organizers about arrangements."

According to CNN, Chinese authorities consider this to be the first Chinese win even though it went to Gao Xingjian in 2000, but he is now a French citizen.

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