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Canadian ecotourism project up for national award

October 9, 2012

One of the biggest trends in global travel over the past several years has been ecotourism, as countless globetrotters attempt to positively affect their eventual destination in a carbon neutral way. Many of these eco-friendly adventures also incorporate a touch of the local culture, and one such endeavor in Northern Canada is drawing national attention thanks to the Canadian Tourism Awards (CTAs).

The Arviat Community Ecotourism Initiative, a program that teaches visitors about the endemic Inuit cultures and introduces them to the local wildlife, is one of three finalists for the National Cultural Tourism Award. This honor, which is co sponsored by the Toronto Star and Visa Canada, was created to "recognize success, leadership and innovation" in the Canadian Tourism industry, according to a CTA release. The awards will be held in Gatineau Quebec on November 20.

Located on the western shore of Hudson Bay, Arviat is a small hamlet in Nunavut Canada that retains strong ties to its Inuit and First Nations roots. As such, the Arviat Ecotourism Project was designed to draw more national and international travelers to the remote region by offering unique wildlife tours and highlighting the intricacies of the region's endemic cultures.

With so much to see and do in the region, including cultural throat singing performances and caribou trails, visitors will want to invest in prepaid calling cards so they can keep in touch with their families back home, and relate some of the mysteries and experiences of the Great White North.

Other activities to enjoy in the region, which was formerly known as Eskimo Point, include cross country skiing, fishing, sled racing and hiking through scenic local attractions such as the Whale's Tail Monument.


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