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Maple syrup seized by police in Canada

October 4, 2012

Canadian police surprised local residents in New Brunswick after they transported 16 trailer-loads trucks of maple syrup. According To NBC News, the police are trying to get to the bottom of a multi-million dollar heist that took place last month.

The syrup was believed to be what was missing last month in St-Louis-de-Blandford. The police obtained a warrant to take syrup from an exporter in Kedgwick, New Brunswick. The owner, Etienne St-Pierre was completely stunned and said he had nothing to do with it.

The police will test to see if it is the syrup that went missing, the media outlet reports.

According The Wall Street Journal, Quebec produces approximately 75 percent of the maple syrup distributed in the world. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has had its reserve since 2000 in case the supply of maple syrup falls. It currently holds 50 million pounds of maple syrup, which is an increase from the 37 million pound it held last year.

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