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German robbers try to blow up ATM, blast away the entire bank

September 27, 2012

This past Monday, German robbers attempted to blow up an ATM to gain access to the cash inside, but their plan quickly backfired, according to NBC News.

The robbers were trying to blow up just the ATM, but used too many explosives, causing the entire Sparkasse branch bank to blow up. Luckily, it was early in the morning and no one was hurt, but the building was leveled, according to the news source.

The explosion shook the small town of Darup, with debris flying as far as 300 feet from where it occurred. The robbers were able to take some money out of the destroyed ATM and they got away before the police arrived on scene, the media outlet reports.

The German police told the news outlet that this was likely a part of a series of robberies that have been happening all over the country. All of the robberies include the thieves throwing an explosive gas mixture into ATMs and lighting it, the publication reports.

According to The Huffington Post, the amount of damage has not been calculated as of yet, but it is expected to be in the tens of thousands of Euros. The four apartments that are above the bank are also inhabitable.

There have been other robberies in the country in which cars been driven into jewelry shops and others where the thieves have tied a rope around an ATM and attempted to remove it with a vehicle, the media outlet reports.

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