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Chinese tightrope walkers break record

September 18, 2012

Three tightrope walkers in China were looking to make their way into the record book, and they succeeded. The trio walked across a 1,400-meters (4,593-feet)wire - without any safety nets or harnesses, according to The Huffington Post.

Adil Hoshur along with his two assistants were 1,100 feet above ground, and with nothing to catch them, they made the daring walk. Luckily, all went according to plan and Hoshur, Ayshem Guli and Shatyr made their way across the wire, which was stretched across the Dehang canyon, a part of the Hunan Province in south-central China, according to the news source.

Even though this in it of itself was quite a vision, as they each carried a pole to help them balance, there were still surprises. At one point, Hoshur came up on one of his assistants halfway across the wire. In order to get passed him, Hoshur walked over them. Although many held their breath while he did it, he was successful, according to the media outlet.

The wire was attached to the Aizhai Bridge, which is a suspension bridge located on the G65 Baotou-Maoming Expressway, the news outlet reports.

According to ABC News, 41-year-old Hoshur started tightrope walking when he was very young, and he showed some real promise when he was just 10 years old. Turns out his potential was spot on.

The recent stunt was no easy feat as, Aisikaier, another tightrope walker from China, was lucky to be alive after he fell 650 feet in an attempt to walk backwards 2,300-feet while blindfolded, Huff Post reports.

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