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Brazil to rebuild Antarctica base after fire

September 18, 2012

A Brazilian naval base in Antarctica that was severely damaged after a fire in February, will soon be rebuilt, according to AFB.

The fire scorched through 70 percent of the Comandante Ferraz base and it was believed to be the result of malfunctioning electrical generators. This base is near the Antarctic Peninsula and was built in 1984. Three naval ships will be traveling next month to start to repair the damage after the fire, according to the news source.

"Next month, with the end of the winter on the continent, our ships will set off to begin dismantling parts of the base affected by the fire," Defense Minister Celso Amorim said during a meeting of Latin American officials managing Antarctic programs, the news source reports.

While the work on the new station gets underway, the Brazilian scientists will be stationed at Argentina and Chile bases. Amorim announced they hope to start working on the new base November 2013, as it will take a great deal of time to clear up the damage.

President Dilma Rousseff said he is more than committed to rebuilding this base and is very grateful for the other South American countries that have been helping since February, the media outlet reports.

According to Bernama, the scientists in the Brazilian Antarctic Program use the destroyed base to research global warming in addition to coastal and marine ecosystems. There are about 30 countries who have stations in Antarctica.

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