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Mexico and Brazil move ahead in Global Leadership Study

September 6, 2012

Talent measurement solutions company, SHL, recently released the findings for its Global Leadership Study that examined which countries had potential in the future.

SHL used the analysis of more than a million people to break down which 25 countries showed the most potential now and in the future. It found that the U.S. was ranked number five, and it is expected to decline because more corporate globalization outpaces leadership identification and development programs.

The findings also showed which countries are doing increasingly better, and Mexico and Brazil along with Turkey, Egypt and Switzerland have the most potential later on. When the two lists were compared, Mexico and Brazil jumped 19 and 21 spots, respectively.

"While the study suggests a moderate slide in U.S. rank from five today to eight tomorrow - the bigger issue is the risk of falling into a steady declining trend in our supply of leaders, especially as domestic-based companies continue to expand internationally to compete in the global economy," said Caroline Paxman, president of the Americas for SHL. "In order to survive, no less grow, U.S. companies need to employ programs to better identify leaders of the future - and become more competent in analyzing and sourcing international talent pools to find them."

SHL also offered some advice to create leadership success in an organization, including making it a priority while also being pragmatic and proactive. It is also key to look beyond just performance, as ambition and ability can be easily mistaken.

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