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German city evacuated after World War II bomb was found

August 28, 2012

Munich got a bit of scare this past Monday, after a 550-pound undetonated World War II bomb was found late at night. Approximately 3,000 residents in the immediate area were evacuated, according to NBC News.

The bomb was discovered by a group of construction workers around 10 p.m., and experts on the scene noted the explosives had a chemical, delayed action detonator, which caused the immediate evacuation.

"It is an extremely dangerous device," Roman Leitow, a Munich fire department spokesman, told the news source. "A specialist is presently trying to defuse the bomb with his team."

The fire department went door-to-door to ensure that everyone got out safely and orderly. The residents were also notified by a loud speaker. Many went to family and friends homes, and about 600 were taken to the nearby rescue shelters while a team worked on the bomb, the media outlet reports.

According to UPI, the specialists are planning a controlled explosion for this Tuesday evening.

History buffs or those with relatives in Munich can make calls to Germany using international calling cards to discuss the recent events.


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