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Canadian Aleksandra Wozniak moves on in U.S. Open

August 28, 2012

Canada's Aleksandra Wozniak won against Alexandra Cadantu of Romania with a 6-0, 6-3 win to move on to the second round of the U.S. Open, according to CBC Sports.

Wozniak of Quebec won the first match with ease, and then quickly recovered during the second to advance.

"Overall, it was the first solid match for me here," Wozniak, who had to deal with a two-hour rain delay, told the news source. "The first set went fast and then there was a long bathroom break for her. She started putting more balls in during the second set. I'm glad I stayed on top or her and won this one. It was nice that it went so fast after the long rain delay. It was so crowded in the locker-room, the lounge, the cafeteria."

According to The Globe and Mail, Wozniak is ranked 48th, and she made it to the third round in 2009.

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