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Hottest car among executives in China: The Buick Minivan

August 21, 2012

When an individual travels around China, they will see one car model that is quite popular - especially among executives. These wealthy men and women are not driving high-end luxury cars that many may guess. Instead, these executives are driving the General Motors Co. (GM) Buick GL8 minivan, according to Bloomberg.

These minivans, which are considered to be a family car in the United States, can be found at popular restaurants and outside glamorous events in China, the media outlet reports.

"It is a perfect example of where one product can be revered in one country and reviled in another," Rebecca Lindland, an industry analyst with IHS Automotive, told the news source. She added that in China, the Buick GL8 is "ubiquitous, like a Town Car in Manhattan or chauffeured limousine in L.A. The assumption is that someone important is in one."

What's more, this model did very poorly in the U.S., and the Detroit-automakers stopped making them for people in the states. However, they seem to be doing quite well in China, the media outlet reports.

Jochen Sibert, managing director for JSC Consulting in Shanghai, says these minivans are better suited for Chinese businessmen, who are often traveling and doing their work on the road.

“If you have a normal sedan, you already have one seat less because you have a driver in front," Siebert, who uses the GL8 to pick up clients, told the publication. "[Sedans are] not as comfortable, as saying, 'Hey, I have a GL8. Let's go to the back and talk.'"

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