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Berlin Zoo welcomes baby elephant Anchali to the family

August 16, 2012

Baby animals are beloved by many around the world, so when an exotic creature is born in captivity, the event tends to capture the attention of millions, and this is no different for a baby elephant born at the Berlin Zoo. Last Sunday, an Asian elephant named Pang Pha gave birth to Anchali, a female who weighs 353 pounds and stands just over three-feet tall, according to CBS News.

Little more than a week old, this newborn elephant is already walking, playing and learning about the world, much to the delight of zoo visitors. Anchali's mother, Pang Pha, was a gift to the German zoo from Thailand in 1987 when she herself was a small calf of six months, according to the Zoo's website. The father, Victor, is an 18-year-old elephant known for being a bit of a loner, but Dr. Ragnar Kuehne, a biologist at the zoo, said Victor regularly gives his newborn daughter affection with his snout.

People in Germany can watch Anchali playing and interacting with her parents at the Berlin zoo, but those who are working or living outside the European country are not so lucky. However, they can make calls to Germany and ask their friends to share their experiences seeing the baby elephant in person.


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