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Brazil looks to London to help prepare for the 2016 Olympics

August 15, 2012

Even though the London Olympics just ended, Brazil is already getting ready to take its turn as the next host of the Summer Games in 2016. Officials and event organizers paid closer attention to how the U.K. handled the two-week event than the games themselves.

"First of all, the U.K. has done an absolutely fantastic job in organizing a very complex endeavor," Brazil's vice minister for sport, Luis Fernandes, told the BBC. "At the same time, there were some problems, and it is very important that we learn from them."

Not only are Brazilians focusing on hosting the games in Rio de Janeiro, but they are also concerned with their athletic performance. The national team came in 22nd in the medal standings at London's games, with only three golds, five silver medals and nine bronze wins.

"You need gold medals, that is so important for the mood of the public and the general atmostphere of the games," Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, explained to NBC.

Britain did an excellent job of keeping up spectator enthusiasm. They won 29 gold medals, 17 silvers and 19 bronze throughout the event. Now, Brazilian athletes will have to step up to the plate and work hard to give their fans an excellent performance on their home turf.

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