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Russia slated to win more gold medals in women's gymnastics

August 9, 2012

With 225 of the 302 events in the 2012 London Olympics completed, there aren't many more medals to be had, but Russia may wind up with at least one more gold. The nation is currently in third place with 55 medals overall (11 gold, 21 silver and 23 bronze), just four medals ahead of Great Britain, according to NBC Olympic coverage. Many of the gymnastics events are finished, but the rhythmic gymnastics finals have yet to be held, and Russia could wind up snagging the gold in both the group and individual competitions.

According to BBC Sport, Russia's Daria Dmitrieva had the best individual score as well as the top score in the hoop event, and Evgeniya Kanaeva's performance with the ball earned her top marks as well. Russia also emerged the victor in the group competition, Fox News reports. A win would come as no surprise, as Russia has won the gold for these events in the past three Summer Games, and they stand ahead of the three-time world champion team from Italy.

For Kanaeva, 22, a gold medal in the all-around this year would make her a three-time world champion, as she won twice in Beijing in 2008,  according to Fox. Dmitrieva, 19, is not as seasoned as her teammate when it comes to performing at the Olympics, having only joined the squad about a week ago. She stepped in for Alexandra Merkulova, who was injured.

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