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Director James Cameron makes steps to bring 3D technology to China's movie industry

August 8, 2012

China's movie industry is growing at a pretty rapid rate, and internationally acclaimed director James Cameron (Avatar, Aliens, The Terminator) is getting involved in the up-and-coming industry. His company, Cameron Pace Group, will be working with two Chinese partners to bring 3D filming and viewing to the Chinese market, according to The Associated Press.

"This is an enormous untapped market that is right on the verge of the transition from 2D to 3D," Cameron said in an interview, according to the AP. "This is the best place for us to create a kind of second home."

China's film industry is currently doing much better than the American and European sectors, as movie ticket sales increased 33 percent to $2 billion last year, the news source indicates. Conversely, American ticket sales have been declining for the past two years. Even though U.S. revenues are much higher at $10.2 billion, a growing industry has more potential than a waning one.

Bloomberg reports Cameron's company formed a venture agreement with Tianjin Hitech Holding Group and Tianjin North Film Group. The companies will work together to bring 3D filming technology to China and teach filmmakers how to use the equipment.

Cameron's award-winning movie, Avatar, was filmed in 3D, and the Cameron Pace Group was behind the 3D technology used in the filming of Hugo (Martin Scorsese) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Michael Bay) as well as many sporting events. The Associated Press indicates Cameron's presence in Chinese film will be solely for technological support.

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