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Brazil breaks medal-free streak in Olympic boxing

August 7, 2012

Even though the boxing finals are not over yet, Brazil is celebrating as the athletes have secured two guaranteed spots in the winner's circle. The South American nation has not medaled in boxing since 1968. Now, Esquiva Falcao Florentino's 14-10 quarterfinal victory over Hungarian Zoltan Harsca has put him in position to come in at least third, no matter the outcome of the semifinals, according to Reuters.

"I'm very, very proud to be the first to guarantee a medal for Brazil here," Florentino told the news publication. "I'm very proud because I told my dad [I] was going to take a medal home and now [I have]."

Florentino will go up against British boxer Anthony Ogogo in the semi-finals. reports Ogogo defeated Stefan Hartel 10-5 in the quarterfinals, so he has a guaranteed spot on the podium as well. However, his Brazilian competitor is not worried about their upcoming match.

"I have not come here for the bronze, I have come here for the gold," Florentino said.

He is not the only one Brazilian fans are cheering for, either. In women's boxing, Adriana Araujo managed to secure a place in the finals, which means she will be standing atop the podium as well. She defeated Moroccan Mahjouba Oubtil 16-12, which guarantees her at least a bronze medal for women's lightweight boxing, according to Fox News Latino. If she defeats Sofya Ochigava, the second best boxer in the world, in the semifinals, Araujo has a chance at getting a silver or even the gold.

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