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Germany takes the gold in men's rowing

August 2, 2012

While China and the U.S. are leading the Olympic Games in terms of medals, they're not the only nations making it onto the podium. Germany recently took the gold in men's rowing, beating out Britain and Canada. Not only was this Germany's first win in London, but this is the first time the nation has reached the top of the podium for this event in the Olympics since 1988, according to Reuters.

"For us, it's not important that we are the first in 20 years," crew member Andreas Kuffner told the news source. "The important thing to us is that we are Olympic champions."

The German team's win did not exactly shock the world, as they have been dominating the rowing world in the eight-man races for the past three years, The Associated Press reports. Their bout of success is due in part to coach Ralf Holtmeyer. He was the man who led the team to victory at the 1988 Games. Since Holtmeyer has resumed his position, the boat has not lost a single race.

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