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Canada loses to Brazil in final tournament before the Olympics

July 18, 2012

The Canadian Olympic women's soccer team recently played the final pre-Olympic match against Brazil. Although the team lost 2-1 in the game, they came in second place in the Match World Women's Cup.

It seemed as though Brazil had clinched the win with a 1-0 score, but Canadian captain Christine Sinclair scored a goal in the final minutes to force the game into overtime, according to The Globe and Mail. Moments after the overtime play began, Brazil capitalized on Canada's out-of-position defense to score the winning goal.

Brazil won the tournament with a 2-0 record, and Canada's loss left them with a 1-1 record that bumped them to second place. Even though Brazil won the cup, Canadian midfielder Diana Matheson earned the player of the tournament award. These games, coupled with the week left until the Olympic Games begin, are exactly what the Canadian team needs to prepare.

"It is a great place in which we have been able to get the right balance of work, rest and play," Canadian head coach John Herdman told CBC Sports. "What a classic match today. It was one of the matches that will really set you up for a big tournament."

CBC Sports reports Canada's women's soccer team will continue to train in Switzerland, where the tournament was held. Their first match of the Summer Games will be held on July 25 against Japan in Coventry.

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