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RFU announces Advocaat's replacement to coach national team

July 16, 2012

The Russian Football Union (RFU) recently announced former coach Dick Advocaat's successor - Fabio Capello. Advocaat resigned following a disappointing loss in the group stage of Euro 2012 against Greece, according to The Telegraph, and his replacement remained a mystery until now. Capello was rumored to be the RFU's first choice to take the position, as the organization hopes he can lead the team to the finals for the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Earlier in the week, the RFU revealed a list of 13 potential candidates, including Capello as well as Harry Redknapp, Rafael Benitez and Pep Guardiola, ESPN reports.

The Italian football manager was most recently working with England, but prior to his five-year stint in the UK, Capello coached AC Milan, Roma, Juventus and Real Madrid. The Telegraph reports he has led each team to victory. Most recently, England qualified for Euro 2012 on Capello's watch.

While the RFU has announced Capello as the new coach, the contract has not been quite finalized yet. RFU officials say the contract should be finished and signed by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

"If everything is completed in the best possible way, as the announcement from the Russian federation states, I will be happy and proud," Capello told Italian news agency ANSA, according to ESPN. "If, as I believe the case will be, all goes as planned in terms of the contract, it will be a splendid adventure."

A new coach will likely mean many changes among the team, and those who follow football can make calls to Russia with phone cards to discuss the possibility of new strategies with their friends.


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