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South African cricket star Mark Boucher retires after eye injury

July 10, 2012

International cricket great Mark Boucher of South Africa's international team Proteas recently announced his early retirement from the sport following a severe injury. In a game against Somerset on Monday, the South African wicketkeeper was struck by a flying bail, one of the smaller sticks that form the wicket, which lacerated his left eye, according to The Independent.

He underwent a three-hour surgery to repair a cut caused by the bail, but the news source indicates the long-term effects of the injury remain unclear. The following day, Proteas skipper Graeme Smith read Boucher's prepared statement

"It is with sadness, and in some pain, that I make this announcement," the statement read, according to Businessweek. "Due to the severity of my eye injury, I will not be able to play international cricket again."

The news source reports Boucher had said in March he was considering retiring from international cricket after a tour in England. However, due to the injury, he will head back to South Africa earlier than expected.

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