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Homeless couple finds $10,000 and hands it over to authorities

July 10, 2012

Earlier this week, a homeless couple turned in $10,000 they found on the street in Sao Paulo. Fox News reports the pair were awoken by an alarm and emerged from their makeshift home beneath a bridge to see what all the fuss was about. Jesus Silva Santos and his girlfriend Sandra Reina Domingues spotted a briefcase and a garbage bag containing cash near a bus stop on a main road, and the 36-year-old man said his instinct was to contact authorities and turn in the money.

"My mother taught me that I must not steal and to tell the police if I see anyone doing anything (illegal)," Silva told Fox News. "If she sees me on TV there in Maranhao she'll know that her son is still one of the honest people in the world."

Authorities suspected the money may have been stolen from a Japanese restaurant during a robbery last week, the AFP reports. They commended Silva and his girlfriend for surrendering the cash.

They "had the opportunity to flee with the money, but they called a security guard and asked him to call the military police," police spokesman Bruno dos Santos told the AFP.

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