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Canada Day is full of patriotism and economic optimism

June 29, 2012

This Sunday, July 1, is Canada Day, and Canadians everywhere are feeling pretty patriotic on the nation's 145th birthday. People are preparing for barbecues, block parties, fireworks displays and all sorts of celebrations for the long weekend. Canadians who are going to be out of the country for the holiday can check in with their loved ones by using international calling cards to make calls to Canada.

There will be parades, festivals, live music and more in towns across the nation, and most people will probably be donning red and white clothes and waving Canadian flags. The Vancouver Sun reports national music act Spirit of the West will be performing to honor the day.

The holiday is a celebration of the nation, and it turns out Canadians are feeling pretty good about their country when it comes to its global economic standing. A study conducted by BMO Harris Private Banking provides statistical evidence of the patriotism and love Canadians feel for their country - especially when it comes to their economy. The study revealed 83 percent of Canada's citizens are proud of the country's economic standing with regard to the neighboring U.S. and the rest of the world, and 74 percent have faith in the future of Canada's financial markets.

"While the rest of the world stands on shaky economic ground, Canada continues to demonstrate a strong financial position that instills investor confidence," said Paul Taylor, chief investment officer for BMO Harris Private Banking. "While the country does face a variety of economic challenges, Canadians have much to celebrate this Canada Day."

The survey also found nearly half of Canadians have high hopes for the energy and information technology markets in coming years.


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