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Mexican doctors remove 33-pound tumor from 2-year-old

June 27, 2012

A surgery recently performed in Mexico gained global recognition for both its riskiness and success. On June 14, surgeons at La Raza Medical Center in Mexico City began surgery on 2-year-old Jesus Rodriguez, who had a 33-pound tumor growing on the right side of his body. After 10 hours, the doctors had successfully removed the benign lump from the toddler, according to the Daily Mail.

The little boy's tumor weighed more than he did (26 lbs.) when he went under the knife. Dr. Gustavo Hernandez, the director of pediatrics at the hospital, told The Associated Press that Rodriguez was born with a small lump that grew so large it extended from his hip to his armpit on the right side of his body.

Those who want to tell their friends about the toddler and his surgery can make calls to Mexico with international phone cards to break the news. This is the first time Mexican doctors have removed a tumor that was larger than the person in whom it grew, but is not the largest tumor surgeons have encountered in the nation.

The Daily Mail reports a surgery was performed in Mexico in 2010 to remove a 56-lb. tumor from a 54-year-old woman. Her tumor took just 18 months to grow and was one of the largest ever removed in the world. While this medical success may seem impressive, the GlobalPost reports another tumor removal may be even more astonishing. Over two years ago, surgeons in Miami, Florida, performed surgery on a 21-week-old fetus to remove a tumor the size of a peach. According to the news source, the fetus grew normally and was born healthy. The only sign of the surgery on the 20-month-old infant is a small scar.


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