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Berlin police release photos of Forest Boy Ray to uncover his past

June 14, 2012

About nine months ago, a young man came to Berlin, not from another city, a small town or even another country but from the wilderness. The Associated Press reports the individual has come to be known as Waldjungen Ray, or Forest Boy Ray, as he cannot recall his last name or where he came from before the five years he says he's been living in the woods.

Ray told authorities he has been living with his father in the woods for the past five years, after his mother died in a car crash when Ray was 12. He said his father passed away recently and he buried him in the woods before seeking civilization, The Globe and Mail reports.

There are many curious details surrounding Ray's story. He speaks English, but without an identifiable accent that ties him to any country in particular. The AP reports authorities believe English is not the boy's native language, but they have not uncovered what language may be his first. His camping supplies - including a sleeping bag, a tent and some articles of clothing - all appeared to be in nearly new condition and he was clean and well-groomed, according to the Globe and Mail.

Ray has explained that after the death of his father, he has no remaining family. But German authorities released a photo of Forest Boy Ray in the hope that someone might recognize him and be able to shed some light on the boy's former life.

"Despite extensive studies, the Youth Office and the Berlin police have not successfully identified the boy who calls himself Ray," Berlin police said in a statement issued with the boy's photo on Tuesday, according to the news source. "The Youth Office and the Berlin Police have great doubts on the boy's story."

Since Ray turned up at Berlin City Hall last autumn, he has adjusted well to civilized living. He attends school and was able to quickly adapt to using computers, cell phones and other modern technology. Some suspect Ray may have suffered through a traumatic incident that affected his memory. Those who want to find out more about Forest Boy Ray or know anything about the boy's origins can make calls to Germany with phone cards.


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