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Philippine Independence Day celebrations kick off in a few hours

June 11, 2012

Tomorrow is Philippines Independence Day, and officials are gearing up for celebrations in the Philippines despite forecasts of inclement weather. The Philippine Star reports a southwestern monsoon may bring rain on June 12, but events organized by the National Historic Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and other groups are set to kick off rain or shine.

Events surrounding the holiday have been going on around the world for months, leading up to the actual holiday on June 12. The NHCP is planning a concert featuring national music acts Sandwich, The Dawn, Pupil, Kamikazee and more as well as many other fun events at the Rizal Park in Manila. There will be speeches given to honor the 114th year of Philippine independence from Spanish rule, including one given by President Beningo Aguino.

Celebrations have been ongoing for some time in the Philippines as well as in Filipino communities around the world. The Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. held a festival marking the event in New York City last week ahead of the official holiday.

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