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Mexico City prepares for Justin Bieber's free concert

June 8, 2012

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber tours the world performing his hits for adoring fans, and his next stop is Mexico City. The Bieb will not only be coming to the capital city to croon his hits, but his fans will be able to attend the event without paying a single peso to get in to the concert, according to The Associated Press.

City officials are saying this event could be bigger than former Beatle and celebrated musician Paul McCartney's concert in May, which drew a crowd of about 200,000 fans. In preparation of the "Bieber fever" that will sweep across Mexico City on Monday, the city is rallying security forces, the news source reports. There will be 6,000 police officers on the ground and two helicopters monitoring the event from above. Only 80,000 fans will gain entrance to the plaza to see the Bieb perform on stage, and everyone else will be able to tune in outside the plaza on giant screens being erected for the concert.

The 18-year-old pop star was discovered at 14 when the right person came across his homemade YouTube videos and the young musician skyrocketed to success almost instantly. He has had a great deal of hits since he came on the scene a few years ago. CBS News reports he's the first artist to have seven tunes from a debut album make it onto the Billboard Hot 100. Most recently, Bieber managed to sell out two shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 30 seconds, according to E! Online.

Those who want to find out about the concert can make calls to Mexico with international phone cards to ask their friends about the highly anticipated event.


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