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ANC celebrates party's 100th anniversary with Nelson Mandela

May 30, 2012

The African National Congress (ANC) recently celebrated the 100th anniversary, and national icon and former President Nelson Mandela was on hand for the centenary milestone.

The actual 100th anniversary was earlier this year, but the ANC paid a visit to Mandela's hometown of Qunu in the rural eastern region of the country for the most recent celebration. The 93-year-old anti-apartheid hero was presented with a replica of the torch lit at the official ANC anniversary ceremony and he gave a brief speech, according to The Associated Press.

Mandela's speech was televised, marking the first time he has appeared on TV since he was admitted to a hospital for treatment of an undisclosed stomach illness. Reuters reports Mandela, who will turn 94 on July 18, has been making fewer public appearances in recent years, and he is beginning to look frail with old age. Mandela has not held office since the end of his first presidential term in 1999, but the world-famous man is still held in high regard.

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