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Canada's census reveals more babies and more centenarians

May 29, 2012

Around the world, people are living longer than ever before. The recent 2011 Canadian Census reveals there are 5,825 people in the country who are 100 years old or older. The amount of centenarians has increased rather significantly in recent years - jumping up by 1,200 since 2006 and 2,000 more than there were in 2001, according to The National Post.

Not only is Canada's population aging rapidly, but the nation appears to be in the midst of a baby boom. Statistics Canada's census results show the largest spike in fertility rates since the first spike in birth rates that created the term "baby boom" after World War II. Since 2006, the number of infants and toddlers jumped 11 percent, Yahoo! Canada News reports. This could spell good news for the nation, as the original baby boomers are starting to reach retirement age.

This will create pressure on the system as the population structure will be heavily weighted with seniors. The recent fertility growth could help alleviate some of the problems the nation will face in the future as the number of older adults begins to outweigh those in the working population.

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