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Xuxa tells story of passing up the chance to marry Michael Jackson

May 24, 2012

Brazilian superstar Xuxa recently revealed during a televised interview that American pop star Michael Jackson's manager had attempted to get the two pop stars to wed. Forbes reports Xuxa was often considered to be the late American musician's South American counterpart. She made a name for herself in the 1990s hosting a Brazilian children's TV show and she also briefly dated international football legend Pele, according to the AFP.

"Michael Jackson's manager wanted me to marry and have his children," Xuxa explained in an interview on TV Globo's Fantastico, according to the news source. "I was working in Spain and I was a huge fan of his, so they called me. We met and I took a picture with him... Sometime later I was invited by his team to go to Neverland. He knew everything about me... Then, after that meeting, his manager asked if I was interested in dating him because he really wanted to marry and have children. They thought the idea of having someone from South America who worked with kids was very appealing, since he loved kids so much. But he was my idol, and anything else apart from that was another story... I told them I could only marry someone I was in love with."

Xuxa was named one of the 40 Highest-Paid Entertainers by Forbes in 1991 with a net salary of $19 million. Now she is the richest woman in Brazil, with an annual income of about $1 billion, the AFP reports. She is still hosting the same children's TV show, which airs on Saturday afternoons on TV Globo. Those who want to find out more about Xuxa's connection to Michael Jackson can make calls to Brazil with phone cards and discuss the entertainers with their friends.


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