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Miss Universe Canada contestants overshadowed by first transgender competitor

May 18, 2012

When news broke about Jenna Talackova, the first transgender beauty queen hopeful to compete for the title of Miss Universe Canada, her entry into the pageant caused quite a stir. Some felt Talackova, who underwent a sex change operation four years ago, should not be allowed to compete, but others argued in favor of her dream and she remained in the running.

Now, her presence is affecting the competition and drawing attention away from the other contestants, according to The Toronto Star. Many supporters of other hopefuls are raising complaints that Talackova's circumstances are keeping her in the limelight and the other girls' chances of winning are suffering.

"It's a little bit one-sided and there's a lot of focus on maybe Jenna and maybe the issues surrounding it," Donovan Powell, boyfriend and supporter of Vaughan Marr of Cremona, Alberta, told the news source. "I think it's good there's attention brought to it, but I think it may be outweighing and overshadowing the rest of the competition in general."

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