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Final season of Survivor will take place in the Philippines

May 16, 2012

The final season of Survivor, the hit reality TV show, will take place in the Philippines. After Kim Spradlin was announced as the winner of season 24, host Jeff Probst informed viewers the series finale would take place on the South Pacific archipelago, according to ABS-CBN News. Survivor pits contestants against one another in the wild.

Not only did Probst reveal the location of the final season of one of the longest running American reality TV shows, but he also let some other details slip during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"First we decided on three tribes. That was the first thing - and that was just an effort to change up the way the numbers were playing," Probst explained to EW the show would return to an older format. "Once we had the three tribes, we talked about are we going to do returnees? I love returnees... And then we hit on the evacuees and went, 'That's it!' These are true second chancers. They were pulled from the game. They didn't quit, they didn't get voted out - they were yanked."

Three final season contestants will be three previous contenders who were forced to leave the show early due to medical reasons. Those who want to find out more about Survivor preparations can make calls to the Philippines with phone cards and talk to their friends about the reality show.


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