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Cameroon, Nigeria work together over border issues

May 16, 2012

The leaders of Cameroon and Nigeria recently announced efforts to cooperatively exploit hydrocarbon resources along the border of the two nations. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan recently met with Cameroon's Vice Premier Ahmadou Ali to begin discussions concerning the sharing of natural resources as well as border security, according to Vanguard Nigeria.

"We shall consider the proposals you have brought and thereafter call a meeting to discuss relevant issues that will enable Nigeria and Cameroon to start exploitation of hydrocarbon resources along our border," Cameroon president Paul Biya wrote in a message to President Jonathan, the news source reports.

In addition to these joint efforts, the two countries are also working to settle boundary disagreements with the help of the United Nations and land surveyors. The Nigerian Observer reports the boundary assessment should be settled by December.

Those who want to know the latest goings on between Cameroon and Nigeria can make calls to Cameroon to discuss the international efforts with their friends.


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