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Germany may be nuclear power-free by 2022

May 14, 2012

Researchers throughout Germany are working on developing sustainable and renewable energy sources to replace nuclear power plants. The Hindustan Times reports Germany's International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IRCREG) recently signed an agreement with students in Haryana, India, to work together to devise sustainable strategies.

"We should use alternative energy sources like ocean waves on shores, air power in hills and organic waste wherever it is available," IRCREG director Dr. N El Bassam said when he met with the student group to exchange information, according to the news source. "The nuclear power is dangerous, risky, costly and time consuming. The nuclear waste is not easy to be dumped... The coming age belongs to renewable energy sources for sustainable life on the planet."

Dr. Bassam also indicated the research facility's hope is to close down all nuclear plants in Germany by 2022.

The development of alternative energy sources is a sentiment shared by German engineer Bjorn Pieprzyk, who recently explained the importance of such a shift to Tierramerica. Pieprzyk indicated the nation would be able to operate entirely on renewable energy source by 2050.

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