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Kevin Spacey attends premiere of a short film in South Africa

May 14, 2012

Kevin Spacey, an award-winning American actor and director, recently attended the premiere of a short film in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Press Association reports Spacey helped produce the film, along with two others in the U.S. and Russia, in an effort to find talented filmmakers.

The South African film "A Spirit of a Denture" was written by Alan Shelley, a young director from Cape Town. Spacey stars as the main character - a dentist who meets a pirate, according to the news source.

"There is no doubt that as you start to look around the world, you start to look at the Asia-Pacific region, you start to look at what's happening there, you look at what's happening in European cinema, there's a lot going on," Spacey said in Johannesburg, according to the news source. "I like the idea of going to as many places as possible and (having) as many experiences as you can."

The actor also recently starred in a Chinese short film and plans to continue searching the globe for yet-to-be-discovered film talent, according to

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